Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Essay

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In the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Safran Foer, Oskar is a nine year old boy who just lost his dad, Thomas, in the devastating terror attack on the twin towers on 9-11. This little boy is an interesting piece, he is trying to stay connected to his dad even though he is gone and to make sure that he knows he still loves him. Oskar had a close relationship with his dad and spent most of his time with him when he was alive. Oskar was in his fathers’ room looking at all the stuff he had laying around and to remember him, Oskar found an envelope in his dads’ closet, hidden in a vase inside was a key that had the name Black in red pen on the envelope. This is when Oskar is set on an adventure to find out what the key opens and the …show more content…
For example when she asks where he is going the only response she gets is “out”. Oskar acts different when he is with his mom than when he is with other people, like the Blacks and his grandma. One night Oskar was talking to his mom about Ron, the friend of the mothers, and how he didn’t want her to be with him or love anyone else but his dad, Thomas. The mother told him that he reminds her so much of the father. Oskar said something he wished he never said and wasn’t planning on saying, “If I could have chosen, I would have chosen you”. This shows how close he was to his father and how much he wants him to be around again. Oskar was never close with his mother because he spent most of his time with his dad (Foer, …show more content…
Oskar maps out a plan to visit every person with the last name Black that is near him in New York. When he does this he made a promise that if they were to ask any question he would be honest with the Blacks and tell them everything they wanted to know. When Oskar went on his quest he met a women named Abby Black. He acted so different around her giving her complements and told her how thirsty he was so he could get into the apartment. Not only did he persuade her, he then kept asking if he could kiss her. He lied about his age and told Abby that he was twelve instead of being the nine-year-old that he is (Foer, 93). The next person on the list is Mr. Black, he was an old guy that traveled around the world that lived in the same building as Oskar does. When they met Oskar told Mr. Black his story and about everything that happened to him, Oskar later find out that he had a hearing ad on and couldn’t hear anything he was saying. They had a friendship after Oskar turned on the hearing ad, Mr. Black heard his first noise in a very long time because of Oskar. Oskar asked Mr. Black if he would like to come on his trip to find what the mysterious key opened. They were a great pair together and Oskar acted so different when he was with Mr. Black, he was happy and Mr. Black challenged him to talk to

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