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Writing Poetry When it comes to English classes, many students will come upon one of the most essential things to do besides reading and comprehending literature: writing-- especially writing poetry. Poetry. It conveys emotion while engaging the audience with concepts from the poet. Some questions that come to mind when writing poetry are: “What should I write my poem about?”, “What should I include in my poem?”, and “How should I start my poem off?”. But, in order to write poetry, one must understand and analyze poetry. Analyzing poetry is complicated due to trying to understand what the poet is conveying within poem and whatever the poem’s main idea is. Writing a poem requires acute thinking, time, a love of writing, and observing the …show more content…
Writing poetry can help anyone comprehend their personal linguistic style and become eloquent in their writing. However, every poet should know it is difficult to know where and how to start their poem. Just like everyone, I had difficulty with starting off my poem. In my English classes in high school, I used to have trouble starting off my poems, but from that with a certain environment, a love of poetry, and a way to address your ideas in the form of poems I write poems as a hobby now. I love to write poetry; this is my meaning of self-expression of my views and emotions. The objective of my explanation of writing poetry is: to graciously embolden those who have difficulty writing poetry, to try their hand at it and inspire those who have tried some styles of poetry to expand on their repertoire: Through poetry one’s writing improves. My instructions on writing poetry relies on having a theme for one’s poetry, comprehend scenery or real life that relates to that topic, and employ literary devices in your poem to appeal to students who want to write poetry-- not just as an assignment but as a hobby. Every time one partakes in it; one will know that there are some instructions to get many struggling poets (including you) on …show more content…
Literary devices are specific language techniques which writers use to create text that is vibrant, fascinating, and memorable. Since poetry is a form of creative writing, it employs some of the same tools found in other types of literature. Do you remember all of those "literary devices" from English class -- foreshadowing, symbolism, metaphor, rhyme, personification and so on? Well, those can all be used in poetry as well. Each can be used by the poet to change the content and meaning of the poem. Poets use literary devices and elements to express themes. These devices are used to enhance, enlighten, and make the reading, listening, and viewing experience a vivid one. There are two main literary devices that many poets will always use: simile and metaphor. Using simile and metaphor in your poem can bring imagery upon the audience. A simile is a figure of speech that makes a comparison, showing connections between two different things while using the words “like” or “as”. For instance, “She was small as a bug”. This phrase takes a characteristic of a bug and projects it onto a girl. This is a better way to attach concrete images to character qualities. On the flip side of the coin, a metaphor is a statement regarded as a representation or symbol of something else without using the words “like” or “as”. Lastly, it’s not required to rhyme for the poem to have importance. Although, I find it handy to use rhyming at least a couple

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