Essay on Importance Of Uniform Resource Locators ( Url ) And Cookies

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Importance of Uniform Resource Locators (URL) and Cookies
When browsing the World Wide Web, one can access a specific website either by typing the keywords related to the desired website in search engine sites or by directly typing the URL. The latter is used by users if they know the URL of a specific website. Uniform Resource Locators (URL) is one type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and is use to locate resources on the internet (Berners-Lee, T., Masinter, L. & McCahill, M., 1994). URLs are classified into four different types (Westerveld, T., Kraaij, W. & Hiemstra, D., (2001):
1. Root - it is a domain name and optionally followed by ‘index.html’
2. Subroot – it is a domain name which is followed by a single directory an optionally followed by 'index.html ' name
3. Path – it is a domain name, followed by an arbitrarily deep path, but not ending in a file name other than 'index.html '
4. File - anything ending in a filename other than 'index.html ' Web Developers Notes classified URLs as absolute URLs and relative URLs. Absolute URL specifies the exact location of the file in the internet and contains protocol indicator, hostname, folder name and file name. It is unique and points directly to a file. If there are two identical URLs, it will point to the same file. On the other hand, relative URL usually contains folder name and file name and does not use the full address. It assumes that the page you type is on the same site.

A valid URL should have the…

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