Importance Of The West And The Non West Essay

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men, twelve long rectangular sheets of color paper transitioning from light green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow and a painting of the man facing towards the audience while standing on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean during the time of a sunset. As I continue to look my eyes caught a quote on a mustard color wall. A particular section of the quote sparked my curiosity. It stated, “As a cradle of humanity, Africa is a part of everyone’s heritage.” What strikes me as odd, is the fact that this statement claims that “Africa is a part of everyone’s heritage”, however, the National Museum of African Art is one of the smallest museums within the Smithsonian. If the above statement is true than why is this museum not bigger? This goes to show the difference between the importance of the West and the non-West. Furthering my exploration, I had found myself at the beginning of the stairs. Inside the museum is shaped like a donut. The staircase twist around the open center allowing visitors, such as myself, to view the lower levels. Walking down the stairs I am faced with a slow motion picture being screened on a wall just before the end of the main stairs. This clip encapsulates James Ferguson’s Introduction in Global Shadows. In the movie there is a white clothed table. Surrounding the table are five African people. On the right side of the table there are three men two of which are military. One of the military men was sitting at the table while the other was positioned in…

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