Importance Of The Scientific Revolution Essay

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Importance of the Scientific Revolution During the course of history there has been periods of time in which man has met significant obstacles. During the mid-1300s mankind faced a plague which nearly obliterated life as we know it. During the renaissance brilliant men carved a bridge that connected the end of the middle ages to more modern times. During the Age of Enlightenment many questions aroused aimed towards religion and power. Civilization also became more compassionate after many decades of turmoil and violence regarding which Religion was superior. The phrase “Dare to know” perfectly defines this era. However, it is important to know that before this era, there existed a point in time in which man came up with paramount discoveries and theories, theories that have been fundamental for the construction of the world in which we live now. This era is known as the scientific revolution. The Scientific revolution is a period in time where man discovered that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe, that the earth had three important laws regarding its motion and a reemergence of philosophy. All these discoveries and theories were made by great men, men who had an incredible amount of danger, pressure and opposition to what they were discovering. Today these men are regarded in high esteem and are respected by scientists and historians around the globe. The scientific revolution consist of many important individuals who each ported their fair share into ideas…

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