Importance Of The Atlantic Charter

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1. What was the Atlantic Charter? Who created it and when? Why was it important?
The Atlantic Charter was a policy with idealistic terms. The Atlantic Charter gives the rights of all people to choose their own government. It was created by the America’s President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The Atlantic Charter was important because it showed the growing solidarity between Anglo-American. It also gave hope to the people of Europe that had lost hope through propaganda.
2. As the German Wehrmacht overwhelmed much of Europe, many politicians, civilians, and soldiers chose to collaborate under German dominance, while others chose to actively resist. Why did so many choose collaboration? What was the risk of resisting (beyond harm to oneself)?

Many chose to collaborate with Hitler and the Germans because a large majority felt Hitler and the Germans were only out to take back what they had lost in the Versailles Treaty from WW I. Many others collaborated because they saw there was something in it for them such as to be an ally to the Germans. Also for those that served the resistance were hailed as heroes in dominated
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They had insignificant armor, their tanks were poorly made with material not capable of stopping deadly attacks. Hitler had to intervene in Libya, which took away efforts he needed for the German planned attack on the Soviet Union. Even after that the Italians invaded Greece. Hitler warned Mussolini not to, but he was determined. Once again it would prove to be too much for the Italians. Hitler decided to invade Greece to protect his Balkan flank. One way this affected negatively was that both Italians and Germans were each other’s ally, but they both fought for the same resources. Another was the fact that Hitler wanted the former Austrian territory of the South Tyrol. This territory was under the Italians and of course once Mussolini was ousted the Germans turned to occupy

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