Essay About Taking Away Recess

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Should Teachers Be Able to Take Away Recess?
Elementary school is the most important time of your life to learn all of your basic skills that you need in the future. The problem of taking away recess is that children need that time to let off steam, play, and socialize. Without that free time to be themselves they will be restless and not able to focus in class. Although taking away recess is a good way to punish for misbehavior, or getting homework done, taking recess away does not benefit both the student and teacher because it limits social opportunities, reduces physical exercise, and reduces the practice self control.
Although taking away recess for misbehavior or talking in class is a good punishment, however when the other kids get back
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According to Lahey, “Recess provides an opportunity to refill childrens reserves of self-control through play and expression that’s free from structure, rules, and rigorous cognitive tasks”. Taking away recess for academic purposes to get homework done could help that one assignment but, then the rest of the day not be willing to sit still and get other assignments done. This shows that they would then have to stay in the next day to finish the other assignments. In addition Lahey has said that recess even makes the kids more “productive and attentive”after. After recess kids would be worn out and ready to sit down and listen better because of getting rid of all their energy. When going to recess it allows them to be less energetic and more productive later in the day. In conclusion, taking away recess is a good discipline but it doesn't help the issues of social development, obesity, and self control. Students have a right to keep their free time to run around and blow off steam. Taking recess away would be foolish because of other problems that will arise in the students, and

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