Importance Of Symbols And Language As Core Elements Of All Human Interaction

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There are 5 main modern theoretical approaches discussed in Essentials of Sociology. At the moment only the first two will be discussed and they are Symbolic Interactionism and Functionalism. Symbolic Interactionism and Functionalism both focus on the way humans interact and socialize with each other, although symbolic interactionism emphasizes the smaller interactions and functionalism puts more attention to the larger scale interactions, symbolic interactionism tends to be more important when it comes to interactions.
Symbolic interactionism “is a theoretical approaches developed by George Herbert Mead that emphasizes the role of symbols and language as core elements of all human interaction.” (Giddens, et al., p. 15, 2015) Mead summed it up that language allows us to become aware of or own individuality. The main point of this approach is that symbols allow people to use an item to represent something else but on a bigger scale, like a lion to represent pride. We as a society use symbolic interactionism in our everyday lives, for example, if you think of a bluebird in our society it does not only represent a bird it represents an online social networking service. Another modern theoretical approach that humans and our society uses in our everyday lives is functionalism.
Functionalism “is a theoretical perspective based on the notion that social events can be explained in terms of the functions they perform that is the contributions they make to the continuity of a…

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