Sustainable Urbanism

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Environmental Sustainability of Sustainable Urbanism in Western Harbour
With the development of society, the life quality of human being greatly improved. However, it also leads to the destruction of nature at the same time. Because of the urbanization and industrialization, population increasing, many trees being lopped and the discharge of a large number of polluting gases, which all result in climate change. Climate change affects many different parts like environment, economic, and social in the social life of human being. For solving these problems, an idea of sustainable urbanism was put forward. Brundtland Commission (2010) defined that sustainable urbanism is a type of urban development which not only can meet the needs of contemporary
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In Western Harbour, nature was presented everywhere. Abundant, varied kinds of vegetation planted every parts of the district, which not only can improve environment and the local climate, but also have positive effect for residents. The land use is efficient and the district devotes to build a biodiversity area. In this area, green surface as green roofs and green walls are used extensive. The green surface can beautify the environment, provide great physical and mental effects to residents, and also provide valuable green space for residents and wildlife; it also has the ability to improve air quality and reduce heat island, therefore, the area can have more appropriate climate. Moreover, green surface can be an additional insulation for buildings, reduce the heat lose. Another important aspect is green surface can reduce storm water runoff. Green roofs in the crowded cities have the potential to absorb plenty of storm water, thus reducing runoff. Therefore, the storm water flows can be decreased at peak, prevent the spill and release of the sewer (Community Design + Architecture, NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates, and Philip Williams Associates, 2005). Furthermore, Western Harbour also designed a special system called open storm water-system for solving the problem of storm water. Here, many canals, ponds and fountains were built so that if the storm water falls down, the water can flow into these holders through this system before the water flow into the channel (Malmö stad, n.d.). Through this system, the storm water also can be biologically cleaned. This system not only can provide a beauty view for residents, but also environmentally friendly, does not pollute the sea. The system is really unique and it is enjoyed by both residents and visitors, and it provides benefits for both physical and mental health for human being when they enjoy it. To build Western Harbour as a

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