Importance Of Solitude

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A Roman stoic philosopher, Seneca also argued that although human beings cannot change the events, they can pursue happiness by affecting their thoughts, specifically by altering their attitude to those events. He assumed that we are rather like dogs, tied to the moving chariot. The leash is not long enough to let us go wherever we want, but it still gives us some freedom. This freedom is based on human beings’ ability to influence their perception. Pessimistic approach defends us from disappointment. Moreover, seeing our lives and days from a different perspective can make them more exciting and memorable. This might be accomplished by recognizing valuable and beautiful moments of an initially called ordinary day. One may wonder why I give …show more content…
This cannot be accomplished without being exposed to solitude. Only when I am alone, I can reflect on my personality and visit the inner world I am creating. Solitude not only triggers diving into oneself, but also helps assess life from an outsider’s perspective. When I am on my own, if not a director, I am at least the main character of a documentary movie. In this way solitude easily detects my negative character traits. It also depicts the beauty of the inner and outside world I live in and give meaning to my life. By emphasizing both positive and negative sides of my personality and life, solitude simultaneously promotes and preserves happiness.
The following rule is closely linked to my character. After being disappointed, I would keep distance from a person without clarifying the reasons. This behavior might be generated from a vulnerability problem I discussed above. Expressing disappointment means admitting the importance of a person in one’s life. Only after taking a closer look at my happiness, I noticed that shunning from a person causes more harm than openly expressing my emotions. The last time friend upset me, I felt the need to hide disappointment in the beginning, but followed this rule and promoted friendship and happiness at the same

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