Absolute Freedom In Art Essay

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Question 2 : Artists must be given absolute freedom in creating their works. Do you agree?

In today’s society, a practicing artist is confined to social norms whereby it is the general belief that one’s work tends to be censored from the general eye if certain material featured is deemed questionable by the government. Acts of censorship usually lead to outcry from those who wish to have the right to act or express freely which could lead to petitions or strikes. This of course, all comes down to the general question of whether an artist should be given complete freedom when publicly presenting art. I will expand on my stand of how artists must be given absolute artistic freedom due to the various beneficial effects it has - such as, complete
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Censorship should be present to maintain order amongst communities due to the fact that works involving sexism, racism and religiously offensive content portrayals inevitably will surface one way or another due to the varying views on such topics. If artists were given absolute freedom in creating and showcasing their works, chances are the unorthodox display of art in public may break order in daily routines and be received adversely. To avoid disorder amongst communities, government figures have installed art museums to provide platforms for artists to showcase their works without disrupting society. A sculpture, described to be a half-naked, sleepwalking man entitled ‘Sleepwalker’ by Tony Matelli, caused an uproar in 2012 at Boston's all-women Wellesley College, as students protested against it, claiming that it made them feel ‘unsafe'. The unsettling, odd positioning of the statue in the middle of campus started a 500 signature petition demanding for it be removed from public view. It is commonly believed that the government and authority figures would know what is best to reveal to the public in order to maintain harmony amongst

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