Doublethink Analysis

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A more effective tactic invented by the Party is doublethink; it resides in the minds of every citizen and party member, influencing every action and decision unconsciously and destroying one’s ability to understand the truth of their reality. Doublethink is an insidious tactic the Party designed to betray the thoughts of the individual. The Party convinces the citizens of Oceania to accept all ideas originate from the Party, and they use the ever-present threat of survival to bring the individual to two decisions: either they can accept the Party’s “truths” or they can be vaporized and forgotten. In an article addressing the importance of freedom of speech, philosopher Leonard W. Levy assesses the importance of using self expression as a means …show more content…
Whether they were born into the Party as true believers, or brainwashed to enforce the Party’s principles, true believers plague Big Brother’s society. Created by the horrors of the Party, O’Brien is a unique true believer. Although he was once a rebel to the party, he now serves as a spy for the thought police, uncovering rebels like Julia and Winston. He openly accepts and enforces the Party’s principles as if they were basic math. In another passage examining the devastations of totalitarianism, Villa inspects the relationship of the individual and the collective mind in collective societies:
One of the characteristics of totalitarianism is to negate the singularity of the individual, to reduce him, as Theodor Adorno writes, to a mere specimen. The result is the coalescence between the individual and the collective, which precipitates the emergence of the totalitarian mass. This reduction, which destroys subjectivity, demonstrates the close interdependence between the individual’s construction and formation and forms of social organization. (Villa
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Then, by reducing the individual ‘to a mere specimen,’ the powers at hand and the individual converge into a shared mind, so as the Party limits the individuality of the citizens of Oceania, they become inseparable. Thus, the Party creates the true believer: he whose dreams and goals are one with the Party. Throughout the process of reducing the aspects of the individual, the Party is regularly brainwashing the individual to conform to its strict principles. Reflecting on daily life in Oceania, Winston encounters the ingenious truth that the Party is brainwashing the people of Oceania by manipulating their thoughts. As Winston sits before his covert journal, he uncovers one piece of the Party’s strategy to manipulate their people. Using doublethink, the Party tricks their citizens into “reject[ing] the evidence of [their] eyes and ears” (Orwell 81). Even if they watch the Party alter the truth and abuse their people, they persuade the people of Oceania to see the Party as the gallant leaders who sustain and innovate their current society. Individualism is the ability to pursue individual rather than collective interests. The Party constantly manipulates the individualism of the people in Oceania by pushing the individual to constantly act in accordance to the collective’s interest. Winston believes that “freedom is the freedom to say that two plus

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