Importance Of Cultural Experiences In One Out Of Many By Naipaul

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A cultural encounter is the interaction of one or more culture with another culture. Culture encounter is not only a condition related to nationality or ethnicity, but it could also be an interaction between two members of any two groups with different norms, such as men and women. The interactions of people from different cultures require the understanding and respect of people’s beliefs, the way they live life and to discover new things about their world and cultures. However, culture encounter could result in some conflicts, for example, the difference between cultures and how it could be hard to adapt to a new culture. It could also result in racism and fundamentalism. The cultural encounters in the short story ‘One Out of Many’ will be …show more content…
He faced a bunch of problems in his child years. Due to the dark realities of the world he was living in, he used a specific type of style by characterizing the use of simple but strong words that were combined collectively to grab the narratives to reflect the concept and meaning meant in his words. He got educated from “University College, Oxford, University of Oxford and Queen's Royal College.” (TheFamousPeople, 2017). By time, his writing career became popular and he gained so much recognition for his narratives which painted an unapologetically candid picture of the life span in the Third World countries. He is a writer whose famous for his bleak novels set in developing countries and who won the Nobel Prize for literature, the world’s most elegant and wealthiest literacy award. There is no other writer that delivered the unlimited, post-colonial world more intensely and predictively than Naipaul. “Naipaul worked part-time for the BBC on a World Service programme called Caribbean voices.” (Lynda, 2008, pg.259). He is considered to be the novelist leader to arise the English-speaking Caribbean to win the award. He was from the shortlist of five that was chosen by the secret ballot. Because of his novel ‘In a Free state’, he won the desired Man Booker prize and he was gifted by the David Cohen Prize for literature with constant British Literary award. He was chosen for an interview from a series of conversation between India and New York city. “Part of the interview was conducted (by Jonathan Rosen) at the Carlyle Hotel on May 16, 1994.” (V. S. Naipaul, The Art of Fiction No. 154,

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