The Four Stages Of Criminal Profiling

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Criminal Profiling is a technique whereby the probable characteristics of a criminal offender or offenders are predicted based on the behaviors exhibited in the commission of a crime. The job of a criminal profiler is very crucial in homicide cases. It helps the law enforcement to find and arrest the killer by knowing little details that determine possible suspects for the crime.
Criminal profilers investigating serial killers have always tried to formulate some idea of the characteristics of unknown culprits as an aid to finding and convicting them. This is not an easy task. They must discover background information of suspects to determine who may be the possible killer. Learning details such as, height, weight, gender, color and other
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This deals with the type of person who committed the crime and that individuals behavioral organization in relation to the crime. After that, the strategy of investigation can be formulated, as this strategy requires a basic understanding of how an individual will respond to a variety of investigative efforts. In this stage they must determine characteristics about the criminal such as, habits, beliefs, and values, pre-offense behavior leading to the crime and post offense behavior. This will help them better prepare themselves for the investigation. The fifth stage in the criminal profiling process is Investigation. Once the criminal profile is determined, a written report is provided to the requesting agency and added to its ongoing investigative efforts. If identification apprehension, and confession results, the goal of the profile effort have been met. Lastly, the sixth stage is the Apprehension Stage. Once a suspect is apprehended, the agreement between the outcome and the various stages in the process are examined. When the suspect omits guilt, an interview must be conducted to check the total profiling process for validity …show more content…
Discovering little details about the killer will help them identify them, and determine why they committed such a horrific act. Criminal profiling is a very effective way to catch criminals involved in violent crimes. The profiling technique has been used by behavioral scientists and criminologists to examine criminal behavior, and to evaluate as well as possibly predict the future actions of criminals (Twisted Minds). Criminal profiling has proven to be a useful tool in law enforcement in solving violent, apparently motiveless crimes. The process has aided significantly in the solution of many cases over the past decade. It is believed that through research efforts the profiling process will continue to be refined and be a viable investigative aid to law enforcement ( Criminal profilers are very important, and without them we may be living in a tragic world filled with outbreaks of crime and murder. They have helped put away many killers that have the intention to kill again. When a profiler does their job there is one less killer in this world to destroy the families and friends of the victims which they have

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