Importance Of Banking Regulations

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Banking businesses are currently regulated quite extensively. The current goals of banking regulations are narrowed down to the fact that the government would like to remind banking businesses of the importance of transparency, protection of assets for both the customer and the bank, and preparation for handling or avoiding future crisis for the economy. There is much debate as to whether bank regulation is getting too restrictive and not allowing banks to run their business in a manner that makes them unique to one another, after all, it is a for profit business. Many will question, who is the profit for, regulation agencies of the government or the banks themselves? Now that is a whole other topic for future discussion, back to the point. There is no quick or simple way to explain banking regulations current or historical. There is much complexity to the reasons behind regulation and to the evolution of the regulations. Based on the history of the financial crises that have struck our nation, continual change from thorough evaluation are needed to develop a transparent and reliable financial system. It is important to have transparency and trust in the system so the financial markets can flourish and serve the U.S. and global economies. In

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