Personal Health Records

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Access to Patient Data in Emergencies
Sarkar et al. (2010) developed an HER integrated into PHR with a menu bar that contained contact information, type of allergies, diagnosed diseases, and a record of current treatments. With the combination of patient information, medical history, and address in a wallet card, the information can be accessed during an emergency. It has been reported that six out of 10 healthcare providers could access the health information in the PHR during an emergency. An access to the PHR by the health care provider during an emergency is one of the most significant elements of the PHR program.
Chronic Disease Management
The Personal Health Records have been valued for use in the management of chronic diseases. It has
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It has been reported that a group of patients using PHR containing data on medications, allergies, and various operations is better when managing rescheduled appointments and improving the patient’s health records than a group that has no PHR. The patients using a PHR for health management are more probable to follow doctor’s advices and staying in the house whenever there is an outbreak of an infectious disease. Most patients suffering from common diseases can be able to offer shared management knowledge regarding the disease and establish relationships centered on their shared problems (Sarkar et al., 2010). Most of the patients that use PHR have been able to take health recommendation more seriously than when they were no PHR. This results in the change of unhealthy eating lifestyles or other lifestyle related issues that can cause diseases like diabetes and cancer (Archer et al., …show more content…
Most of the sites do not give any directions to take the patient through the process of obtaining necessary data from the test reports. Most patients report that their test reports are not up to date and that the record of their medical statuses and prescriptions are either incomplete or inaccurate (Sarkar et al., 2010). In order to enhance the reliability of a PHR system, the patients would have to be able to look at, authenticate their data, and inform their healthcare departments about any concerns. More enhanced development of PHRs can improve information accuracy. For instance, it has been found out that using color codes or automated radio voice service to help the patient with data entry can enhance the accuracy of laboratory test results or medication data entry by patients to almost 100 % (Sarkar et al.,

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