Implications Of Cloning

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With new advancements in cloning technology and stem cell research in the past two decades, cloning may soon become the norm in society. From the 1996 birth of Dolly the Sheep, the world’s first cloned animal, to new discoveries in using cloned cells to create organs, scientists have made immense progress in their understanding of cloning. Cloning is defined as “the process of generating a genetically identical copy of a cell or an organism” (“Cloning”). There are three different types of cloning that are all used for different purposes: therapeutic cloning, gene cloning, and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning is used to create tissues that are genetically identical to a patient’s cells so the patient’s body does not reject a new organ …show more content…
This could be accomplished through modern gene cloning as scientists are able to isolate certain genes in DNA and extract them. The idea of eugenics became controversial after the Holocaust and has been associated with ethnic cleansing. During the Third Reich, Hitler sought to rid the world of the Jewish people in order to, in his mind, make it a better place. People become afraid when they hear talk of eugenics because it could be used to eliminate certain traits from people. A man interviewed about eugenics said, “You can breed a certain kind of human beings and there, I see a great danger” (qtd. in Zwick 278). The danger is that with the power of gene cloning, the theory of eugenics can become a reality. We would be sacrificing our diversity and individuality for a world populated with so-called “better” humans. Eugenics could be used not just for ethnic cleansing, but for artificial breeding of humans that are more intelligent or athletic. Imagine Olympic competitors who were bred by the government of their representative country for the sole purpose of winning the gold medal. It devalues the competitive aspect of the Olympics and is also inhumane to the person who was cloned specifically to compete. The Olympics is supposed to be a fair competition between the most talented people in the world, not a show of which country can artificially create the best competitive person. Not only could eugenics be used to create Olympic competitors, it could also be used for parents to create the ideal baby. This baby would be one of the “so-called ‘designer babies’ engineered and processed to obtain selected attributes, e.g., high I.Q.s, greater strength, superior athletic ability, lovelier faces, taller statures, etc.” (Smith 106). Smith goes on to say, “Indeed, in multiple books and articles,

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