Essay on Implementing Change

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Implementing Change

May 7, 2012

Implementing Change
Change is inevitable especially in the healthcare field however it is human nature to resist change. This makes the job of a manager difficult. However once he knows what is expected of him he can create a plan to effectively and smoothly implement change and handle resistance. Through creating a plan that follows four simple steps he will find this process can be pleasurable for both management and employees.

Manager’s role and responsibility in implementing change

Seeing how the healthcare industry is always undergoing some sort of change due to new discoveries or procedural changes, it is important to be able to smoothly implement change
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The manager can tell his employees what to do and how to do it however he will most likely be running an uphill battle unless he explains the reason for the change and listens to the concerns of the staff and stakeholders. One way to avoid this conflict is to present the ideas for change to everyone then let the stakeholders/staff come up with solutions. People tend to adapt faster if they feel their opinions are validated and feel they had a hand in creating the new policies and procedures (Chapman, 2009). According to (NHS Modernization Agency, 2005), it is imperative the follow certain guiding principles a few examples of which are listed below:
Some guiding principles in planning a change include: • having a plan for the project implementation but being prepared to adapt this if the outcomes at different stages show this to be necessary • having Executive (or senior) support which is essential for the success of a project, but recognizing that change will come from bottom up • setting objectives and congratulating the team when each objective is achieved, but remembering that improvement is an ongoing process • recognizing that a plan for introducing change and monitoring the effects of the change is important, but gaining commitment of people is vital in the success of a project.

Steps of the change process: In

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