Implementation Of A Multi User Operating System Essay

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Unit Standard 6839

Sung Hyun


Introduction 2
Development and history of corresponding MUOS 2
Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS 2
Mac OS X Server 10.6 3
User Interface Design of corresponding MUOS 3
Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS vs Mac OS X 10.6 3
Minimum Hardware Requirements 4
Multi-User Operating System Components 5
Operating System Kernel 5
Process Control Block (PCB) 5
Processor Scheduling 5
Primary Memory Management 6
File Management 6
Secondary Storage Scheme 6
Reference 7

Multi-User Operating System (MUOS) is the Operating System that can handle numerous work stations through one machine. This OS allows users who need the data from their main server, to access from different place to one main server which increase the efficiency of work. It also organizes the procedure of the work place and allows each job to be done (e.g. Printer). Since MUOS is developed to be used in wireless network as well, it is possible to be done in distance place. This report will handle general information, comparisons and functional relationships between 2 of the MUOS, which are Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS and MAC OS X Server 10.6.
Development and history of corresponding MUOS
Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS
Ubuntu MUOS was first built on Debian’s architecture and infrastructure. It was to provide Operating system to numbers of machines other than Computer (Television, Mobile Phone, etc.). It was first released on October 2004 and they released the…

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