Imperialism In Japan Imperialism

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Register to read the introduction… However by 1914, Japan had grown to be an imperial power itself following various strategies of the western powers after they themselves had been a colony of a European state. After a period of isolation before the onset of the Meiji restoration and the strong emergence as an imperial power one must examine all the characteristics and strategies that Japan had possessed by 1914 to gain imperial power like that of a north Atlantic power.
One strategy that served to be important in Japan’s rise as an imperial power was the development of its nationalistic nature. It can be believed that Japan’s early years of exclusion from the outer world was influential of its expansion as an empire. They developed a systematic and rigid system of living which they despised overseas influences and saw that alliances that could possibly be formed against the shogun were forbidden through the use of an “organized hostage system.” They also developed an attitude of
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After Japan had been bullied by the imperial European powers to open it ports and allow the intrusions of the west, Japan saw it necessary to develop its militaristic skills for their survival and protection as a state. From the onset of the Meiji restoration it was known that in order to compete with the other imperial nations and to conquer territories it was imperative to develop Japanese militarism. “We must exercise the strictest economy so as to provide funds for the building of a navy and the fortification of an army.” The Japanese governing system spent a large amount of money on the development of their military which reflected their efforts to establish their empire. Between the years of 1880 and 1912, 30% of government funds were attributed to the program of military expansion. Efforts focused more on this goal and as such the once thriving samurai class was disbanded in 1876 and class equality was established. In 1872 Japanese efforts grew stronger as under a system of conscription peasants were allowed to become part of the modernization process. All men of the various social classes were required to give three years of military service. By the 1890’s, Japan became militarily capable for territorial expansion and giving herself the power of an imperial state. This can be seen when Britain and Japan formed an alliance to defeat China in the Boxer

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