Impact Of World War Two On The United States Homefront Essays

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The significance of the impact of World War Two on the United States homefront was large. The issues of race, racism, gender roles and technological and economic development had the most impact from the World War two. Even the American economy had changed dramatically during the war and even after the war ended. After the Great Depression took over the american lives, the economy has changed a lot. During the first World War. America wasn’t as into the war as they were in World War 2. They didn’t have all the supplies that they needed like weapons, automobiles, or any kind of necessity that was needed to survive fighting a war like that. Plus the Great Depression had impacted a lot of the industries and even the american people. Although the americans weren’t as ready for battle in World War 1, they were definitely ready for world War 2. In in the year 1941, Japan had attacked a part of the United States. Pearl Harbor. Although the americans weren’t in the war at the time, they were after the stunt the Japanese had thrown at them. With this random attack the United States had lost thousands of war weapons, soldiers, and sailors. That made them devastated because the Americans didn’t even see them coming when they flew past them in fighter planes. After the devastating attack president Franklin Roosevelt had requested for war on Japan. People had believed that Japan had attacked the United States because they wanted to have the Pacific Ocean all for…

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