Essay on Impact Of The Surrounding Ecosystems On A Negative Way

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impact the surrounding ecosystems in a negative way. This can be referred to as forest fragmentation. Forest fragmentation negatively affects the forests connectivity and function. Fragmentation caused by mine reclamation is said to be “two-sided because both the effect that natural habitat has on the restored area, and the effect the restored area has on natural habitat.” (Craig et al. 2015) It is known “edge effects increase with increasing contrast between habitats forming the edge with differences in vegetation height and cover being the primary structural variables that influence edge response strength.” (Craig et al. 2015) When open pit mining takes place it causes a vast difference between the habitats in a relatively short distance, even after the restoration has begun it will take years before there is no affect caused by the fragmentation. For many species the unrestored or newly restored mine site does not offer sufficient cover from predators making it dangerous land to navigate. Along with reduced cover the mine site may not offer specific food needed for an organism to survive. Ideally the edge affects will decrease as the reclaimed mine site goes through its natural progressions and successions until it returns to a fully functional state capable of sustaining life in the same manner as before it was damaged.

Other forms of environmental degradation bauxite mining causes are due to is residue. Bauxite residue or red mud has vast affects on the ecology. The…

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