Impact Of Technology On American Agriculture Essay

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There was a huge improvement in American agriculture because of the changes that were made to technology, economics, and government policy between the years of 1865 to 1900. But even though these advances may have changed American agriculture for the better, it did not bring about all positive changes; some of the impacts on these changes were negative, as they hindered farmers because they did not really have a say during these times and they were not given enough economic profit; the government was more in control of the whole operation.
An example of an advancement in technology can be seen from the class notes with advancements such as John Deere’s steel plow, or barbed wire. The steel plow made it easier to break the thick and heavy soil and barbed wire helped keep the livestock out of the fields. So in a way technological advances helped farmers. The downside though was that technology favored larger farms rather than smaller/family farms. This is because technology was expensive and it needed larger spaces in order for it to work effectively.
The railroads created a big change in agriculture in the United States of America during this time period. American farmers were dissatisfied with their political and economic status due to the production of railroads. Farmers were losing money because the use of railroads made it possible for food and many other supplies to be imported in from other countries. On top of that farmers were losing money because the railroads were…

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