Impact Of Globalization On Sustainable Prosperity For All People?

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To what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people?
I believe that we humans, and our actions, have created our once healthy planet into a dying one, and with our resources, and weather dying off, we won’t be able to sustain prosperity for anyone at all. In my opinion, sustainable prosperity for all people means that everyone has to meet their basic human needs with the confident knowledge of knowing that we won’t have to deny the future generation to have the ability to live in a sense where the resources are still abundant and won’t deteriorate. With that being said, people today have not extended out soon enough to be able to provide a sustainable prosperity life for all. People just started to take notice of the Climate change, and the polar ice caps, when they realized that we are all on the same sinking boat, and that we are sinking fast because of the pollution and environmental wastes we have exerted out into our ecosystems, and nature. I believe that globalization does not contribute at all to the prosperity for all people.
Ship breaking is one of the most dangerous jobs on this planet; the workers are affected by it and especially the environment. The workers have died in the field of ship breaking, from falling 70m high off of ships, or the hazardous material that they inhale from the toxic paints the ships possess.
Over the last 20 years, 400 workers have been killed, and 6000 have been seriously injured. The incident where…

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