Impact Of Climate Change On The Environment Essay

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Climate change is widely acknowledged by scientists as the greatest current threat to our planet. Our dependence on fossil fuels and blatant disregard for their effect on the environment is unfavorably shifting the delicate balance between man and nature. A 2014 United Nations report warns that “analysis reveals a worrisome worsening trend. Continued emissions of greenhouse gases will lead to an even warmer climate and exacerbate the devastating effects of climate change” (“Emissions GAP Report – 2014”). Recognizing that a long term solution is required to achieve both a shift in business processes and a change in consumer behaviors, global leaders have called for a dramatic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Most developed nations are heeding their call, and have pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 20-30% of 2000 levels by the year 2050(“Emissions GAP Report – 2014”). Unfortunately, Australian politicians have been unable to accomplish this goal and current environmental actions taken by the government of Australia do not even begin to address providing future environmental protection.
Australia is a democratic nation and a part of the British Commonwealth. It is governed by the Queen (represented by the Governor-General), with a separate Parliament headed by an elected Prime Minister. The Parliament is composed of members of the political party who win the popular election and holds a majority in the House of Representatives (“Our Government”). It functions in a…

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