Impact Of Americanization On Culture : American Cultural Products Export

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Impacts of Americanization on Culture.
American cultural products export in 2013 represented 60 billion dollars (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2016, p. 1). From the perspective of U.S. any barriers put up by other countries to these products are viewed as a barrier to free trade. To them it 's about money, but to the recipient countries, it 's often about self determination and cultural survival. It is in the nature of countries to compete and no advantage will be given up without some alternative gain being offered. It 's the cost of doing business with the U.S., and from their perspective it 's a fair trade. If we look at the equation solely from the U.S. perspective, it does make sense. America is one of the largest consumer of international products. It is only fair that those who benefit from that trade, purchase products from America. Currently it is the high end media products, produced in America, which are in high demand.
That 's not to say countries can 't protect their own culture, but they must be willing to fight for it. Canada is perhaps the most experienced negotiator when it comes to protecting it 's cultural identity. Over the last 30 years, though the judicious use of international courts, local media content requirement, and tax credits it has managed to halt and reduce the influence of this cultural invasion (Content made by Canadians. n.d. & U.S. magazine spill into Canada. 2014.). This must all be done with an eye towards maintaining a…

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