Essay on Immigration Policy : The United States

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Immigration Policy
The United States more than any other country welcomes in its arms more immigrants and Texas, than any other state, lets in more foreign and domestic migrants. It’s almost half of all the newly arrived migrants residing in the mentioned state are born foreign. Amounting to over four million migrants, Texas has been considered as one of the top three states that has the most number of born foreign migrants living within its parameters. Texas immigration has been considered as both a consequence and a cause of fast state growth. The strength of the economy and business model (fewer regulations, low cost of labor and lower taxes) in Texas have enticed many workers and companies in the recent years. This inflow has become and has stimulated more development (Orrenius, Zavodny and LoPalo, 1).
The diverse and large immigrant number in Texas today is fairly a more at ‘present’ phenomenon. Earlier in the history of Texas, flows in migration were composed mainly of settlers from other states in the United States (Orrenius, Zavodny and LoPalo, 1). Then came Mexicans who lead migrant influxes. This is despite the fact that most of them did not settle long-term in the state until the latter part of the 20th century (Orrenius, Zavodny and LoPalo, 1). The foreign-born population part of Texas did not however exceed the nation’s migrant population in the state until the 1980s. This moment is the era when most small-skilled workers came into the state’s up and rose…

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