Illegal Immigrants : Taking The Underground Railroad Above Ground

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Illegal Immigrants: Taking the Underground Railroad Above Ground The world is often viewed as an ever changing environment, however, history is known to repeat itself. African slaves in America, seeking better opportunities, cast off their literal shackles of oppression and fled to states that would provide them with a better quality of life. These slaves often utilized a system known as the underground railroad, as a transit way to a better life. While the railways African slaves utilized were not railroads in the literal sense, the illegal immigrants in Sonia Nazario’s book Enrique’s Journey ride along an actual rail network. This train, like the underground railroad, serves as a transit way for illegal immigrants seeking salvation from problems in their home country. As with slaves heading to northern states along their railroad, immigrants cross paths with citizens looking to help or hamper them on their journeys. During their travels through Mexico, immigrants interact with criminals, government workers, and citizens unaffiliated with the previous two examples.
First, criminals interact with illegal immigrants by aiding or impeding them on their journey north. Illegal immigrants are an easy target for bandits who view them as a source of income and exploitation. Sonia Nazario writes about multiple instances of harassment by bandits in her book Enrique’s Journey; the most noteworthy being an instance where a group of eleven immigrants are ambushed by bandits while…

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