Ike The Largest Company Essay

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IKEA is one of the biggest furniture companies, in the world. The company is the largest company in the world; it had a great team of stakeholders. The growth of the company from 1954 was zero, in 1994 of 114 companies. The founder of the IKEA Company, Ingvar Kamprad believes in a great team. According to Bartlett, Dessain and Sjoman, 2006 pg., Ingvar Kamprad founded the name IKEA from “his initials (Ingvar Kamprad), his home farm (Elmtaryd), and its parish (Agunnaryd). The company stakeholders were Ingvar Kamprad owner, Marianne Barner the business area manager, President Anders Mobers, and suppliers. The team of stakeholders and shareholders formed the basis of the IKEA, making it better, for customers with affordable prices. The low prices, enthusiasm, and profit was the discussion on the largest furniture company in the world according to Bartlett, Dessain and Sjoman, 2006 10, 11.
The stakeholders were Ingvar Kamrad founder, President Anders Moberg, Marianne Barner business area manager, customers, and suppliers. These stakeholders were the people of IKEA that made the company function properly in the internal structure, of stakeholders. The constant willingness to renew and the willingness to assume responsibility, where Ingvar Kamprad’s values were to be humble with simplicity, according to Bartlett, Dessain and Sjoman, 2006 pg. 4. The competing interest, raised awareness, of child labor at IKEA, was not clear, because of the (Prohibition and Regulation) Act…

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