If Black English Isn T A Language Analysis

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Comley, Nancy, ed. Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing. 10th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2013. Print.
Baldwin, James. “If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” Comley 131.
This source contributes to my essay by, discussing how there are variations of languages that should count as types of a language. When Baldwin discusses how people in france speak french as well as people in Quebec, they both are speaking french but different types and they may not be able to completely understand each other. For instance in the United Kingdom and in Ireland both countries speak english, but may use different words to describe things, but both speak English. This ties into my other source Mother Tongue because Amy Tan talks
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Vargas explains how he thought he was a legal citizen but ended up being in america illegally and how his whole life he thought if he tried hard enough and did the right things he would be considered a true american citizen, and get the correct papers. He also talks about how he came out as gay and shunned by his family for a short period of time. I will discuss more how people 's experiences influence their personal American dream and how at the time same sex marriage was illegal which made it hard for Vargas to apply for citizenship, but today it is legal which could influence many others American dreams, as well as their reason of why they came to …show more content…
Although I only used one percentage from the website, it allowed me to explain how most of the country lives in an urban area which can influence one’s American dream. Also how today 's society greatly differs from the Roosevelt era idea of the “suburban” family and how America was a “melting pot”. The article discusses how vietnamese girls are being “strongly directed” by their fathers to go for a high-paying position rather than following their interests and passions and if she has an interest in the arts she is pushed into something like science and math. This will help me argue if stereotypes should be believed and if the pushing of uninteresting topics influence one 's American dream or are the reason they came to

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