Identity Theft And Crimes In Criminal Justice

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Identity theft is when an individual conjure up image from using another person background and began to imitate their existence. When this occurs the thief pretends to be another person and fools others into believing him. Identity theft is a white-collar crime that in many circumstances have no geographic boundaries, thus the criminal activity become a cross jurisdiction issue between different law enforcement agencies. When it comes to identity theft crimes law enforcement agents have a hard time bringing identity thefts to justice for many different reasons.
There are several different forms identity theft which are: identity cloning, financial, medical identity theft, criminal identity, theft synthetic identity, theft child identity. In cases that involve identity theft, the criminal justice system protects not only the victim but also have to respects the rights of the accused as well (Ingram L. J., 2009). The accused have safeguard protection within the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments no matter the nature of the crime insuring that the proceedings which follow are fair.
What happen in an identity theft case where a person steals another person 's identity but, does not cause any monetary damage is it still consider a crime? Well first let get an understanding of monetary damages. Monetary damages
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The reason why is the accused individual has wrongfully obtains and uses another person 's personal information for self-gain in some way (Identity theft and identity fraud, n.d). No matter the reason fraud or deception should not be permitted for any reason. One can commit identity fraud even if you never actually benefit from the persons information once the other individual identity is obtain, possess, or use someone else’s with an intent to later fraudulently use it has became a

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