Identity Of My Family And Their Relationships Through Norms, Values, And Traditions

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Within the kitchen, a sweet aroma of sugar, chocolate, and caramel penetrated the air around us. My family joyfully cooked and sang along to the holiday favorite “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas,” while the dog, Shadow, sneakily made its way near the goodies. Just as any other family get together, my grandmother gathered us all around and snapped pictures of this moment. Each year, this moment is captured, new recipes are prepared, families grow older, and most importantly, family is gathered together as one. Along with every other family, my family holds norms, values, and traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. These first originated over in Europe, specifically in Germany and France, and today are held in the United States. Holding onto these allow families to learn about their past cultures and the individuals that they have become today. Through further genealogical research, I have acquired that my cultural background has positively shaped the identity of my family and their relationships through norms, values, and traditions. Norms, common patterns within families, partially play a positive role in my family life. The norms that have been passed down in my family through generations include frugality with money, loyalty within marriages, and arriving early or on time. According to “German Culture: Facts, Customs, and Traditions,” these three norms have roots in Germany. Therefore, my ancestors from Germany carried them and passed them on…

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