Identity Is A Sexual Encounter Essay

1381 Words Dec 10th, 2014 6 Pages
Identity develops throughout our lifetime and continually changes as we go through different experiences. A lot of our identity in our youth is shaped by those around us; they define certain identities for us and teach us how to interpret our experiences. Sometimes, people who influence us go the extent of telling us what our identity should be, even if we don’t necessarily agree. As we age, we learn different perspectives from others and go through experiences that begin to shape our own ideas of how we identify and what that identity means to us. One type of experience that can greatly impact more fundamental parts of one’s identity is a sexual encounter. Sexual experiences can greatly impact how one’s gender identity and sexual orientation is formed. For Max Beck, Sarah Strong and Pat Califia, different and new sexual experiences played a key role in redefining certain identities that they already carried within themselves as well as influencing them to change their identities. They each undergo some sort of sexual awakening that changes the way they had previously thought of their sexual orientation. Max Beck and Pat Califia also challenge stereotypical gender ideals as their sexual experiences open them up to new perspectives. The transformative sexual experience of watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show awakened something in twelve-year-old Sarah Pemberton Strong that was inescapable for her and opened up a door that would lead her to discover her sexual orientation…

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