Iago's Vunerablitiy In Othello

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From a soldier to a murderer the audience recgonizes Othello’s authentic identity. While being apart of Iago’s problematic scheme, Othello is brought to his weakest point. Although the tradgic hero of Shakespeare’s Othello attempts to present himself as powerful, noble, and a soldier, the audience ultimately perceives the true identity of Othello through Iagos deception and lies. Othello’s vunerablitiy allows him to be transformed into a jealous monster who ruins the love he has with his wife Desdemona. Othello’s irrational thoughts bring him to a point of tradgedy and death. In the beginning ,Othello is portrayed as the Moor from Africa who has just eloped with Desdemona. Brabantio, Desdemona’s father believes this tradgey is caused by Othello’s …show more content…
Othello does not have the slightest doubt in his mind that she was unfaithful. The audience now witnesses Othello at his weakest point as he smothers Desdemona and sufficates her. Desdemona’s last words express the amount of loyalty she had for Othello, “I myself-Farewell. Commend me to my kind lord. O, farewell!” (5.2.125-126). Desdemona claims that she has killed herself and demonstrates that after all the accusations made about her, she would never betray her husband. As Othello learns from Emilia that Desdemona was never unfaithful, he suddenly faces reality. Othello becomes aware that he has been manipulated by Iagos words and Desdemona is now dead. “Iagos words have proven too powerful for Othello, and in killing Desdemona, Othello turns words into deeds, destroying their imaginative hold over him” (Pryse, Marjorie).Othello has let Iago’s manipulation make him a murderer of his innocent wife. Before Othello stabs himself he explains “Then must you speak of one that loved not wisely, but too well; of one not easily jealous but being wrought” (5.2.343-345). Othello wants to die with a sense of dignity, because he was once at the top of the hierarchy but now will never regain respect after his jealousy overcame

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