Identity And Power Of A Language Essay

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Identity and Power of a language

“Most languages come into existence by means of brutal necessity, the necessity to communicate and to interpret one another.” (2) As Baldwin has explained, language is a form of communication that is formed when it becomes a necessity; other languages are created due to the situation and so on. So why would a country have only one primary language? Speaking one language, also known as a monolingual, within a country will decrease our efficiency with communicating with foreigners and other countries in general. America would have less efficiency compared to other nations who are not based around a monolingual only country. People must also understand that past a certain age within our childhood, learning another language becomes harder and more difficult. Children, who learned English in their childhood, are more likely to be highly efficient with speaking and writing English, compared to a teenager from another country that came to America to learn English, they would technically have a harder time learning English, due to their first language handicapping their ability to learn another language. As Tan stated, “…a person’s developing language skills are more influenced by peers…” (79) In this case, a great example of most peers would be the surrounding community and family. All in all, it’s just harder to understand one language coming from another. Being a monolingual nation would also cause other countries to see America as a…

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