Identifying The Best Marketing Strategies For Getting Your Home

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Listing agents are critical to helping develop the best marketing strategies for getting your home sold at the best price and quickly. You need to take the time to pick this person; you’re putting a major asset that will affect your future decision into their hands. Just as important this person is going to be in your life daily for the next two to six months, you need to trust them and like working with them.
Start with an agent coming to your home for a preview. They know what buyers are looking for and what the big attractions are for selling your home quickly. They can also tell you what needs to be done quickly to present your homes best features for selling your home at the best marketable price. It’s your chance to get a feel for how they feel about your home and how you feel about working with this person’s suggestions for selling the home.
The recommendations may be minor from new paint, redecorating and uncluttering to a few landscape tips as well, all things that can be done within a minimal amount of time to get your home prepared for the market. Next ask then to run a competitive market analysis (CMA) of similar homes in the neighborhood, which have recently sold based on identical features; size, age and condition of the home. The information will help you understand the pricing buyers are willing to pay for a home like yours.
As the seller, be sure to look at the time it took for these homes to sell, in particular, the faster selling ones. How do they…

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