Essay on Identify And Discuss Key Factors

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For this assignment, I will analyze, evaluate, identify, and discuss key factors in the scenarios. In addition, I will select and apply a criminology theory for each of the areas. Furthermore, I will relate basic principles of a chosen theory to each to each situation. I will also summarize each match with research, assigned reading, and other sources. Additionally, I will develop a three-pronged plan for crime reduction as well as recommend a crime reduction plan for each area. Lastly, I will argue the theoretical basis for the plan. In Centervale, area one is constantly on the news because of murders that have been committed. In addition, most citizens are single parents and unemployed, so this is a low-income area. Occupants rent most houses in this area; however, they only stay for a short time. Furthermore, area one has the worst school system in the region with a high dropout rate. The environmental perspective is a key factor for area one because it expresses how criminal behavior is highly inclined by the nature of the direct environment in which it occurs. The environmental perception, rest on the belief that all conduct results from an individual’s circumstances and dealings. In addition, the location is not just a passive setting for criminal conduct; rather, it plays an essential role in introducing the crime and determining its progression. Therefore, criminal proceedings result not only from criminal minded individuals; they are equally caused by a…

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