Ict For Students On The Autistic Spectrum Essay

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The purpose of this discussion paper is to analyse the research in ICT for students on the Autistic Spectrum. There is a large amount of research and theories focused on using information technology in teaching and learning. However, due to the specific challenges of students with ASD, there has also been more specific research into how these students may benefit from digital learning and ICT. Educators worldwide are using and experimenting with ICT for students on the Autistic spectrum, but is it effective? In what contexts is it most effective and what tools best support ASD students? This paper will shed some light on what ICT tools are most effective in supporting education for ASD students, and what areas researchers believe more development can be made.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a type of developmental disorder that is particularly known to affect communication and social skills. It is considered a neurodevelopmental disorder that be characterised by communication challenges, difficulties managing sensory interactions and restrictive interests. Some ASD students can be gifted, while others may have low cognitive abilities that are only compounded by social and emotional challenges.

Assistive technology is technological tools that can assist in the education of students with ASD. There are many different types of assistive technology that has been researched and to follow are some of the areas and their effectiveness.

ICT for Communication
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