IS3110 Lab 2 Align Risk, Threats, & Vulnerabilities to COBIT P09 Risk Management Controls

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a. Unauthorized access from public internet - HIGH
b. User destroys data in application and deletes all files - LOW
c. Workstation OS has a known software vulnerability – HIGH
d. Communication circuit outages - MEDIUM
e. User inserts CD’s and USB hard drives with personal photos, music and videos on organization owned computers - MEDIUM
a. PO9.3 Event Identification – Identify threats with potential negative impact on the enterprise, including business, regulatory, legal, technology, trading partner, human resources and operational aspects.
b. PO9.4 Risk Assessment – Assess the likelihood and impact of risks, using qualitative and quantitative methods.
c. PO9.5 Risk Response – Develop a response designed to mitigate
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* Infrastructure – Terrorist organizations, both foreign and domestic/Natural forces such as time, weather and neglect.
* People – Careless employees/Educating users
b. Threat or Vulnerability #2:
* Information – Intentional/Unintentional Action, battery backup/generator, journaling file

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