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During the 18 dynasty, the Hyksos had a prodigious impact on Egypt that changed eternal history. The adoption of increased power of the country, expansion of trade and new military technologies provided the Hyksos with immense success. Their political and economic influence extended as far as south as Cusae in middle Egypt, and with economic prosperity wealth in form of tribute enabled funding of public works, temple constructions and rewards to officials as the Hyksos drove the Egyptians to expand their borders. This leading to religious beliefs of Egyptian gods along with their own. During the elapse of time, Egypt expelled the Hyksos through innovations of weaponry established; which enabled them to defeat
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Although an invasion of the Hyksos imminently forced this “extending the boundaries [of Egypt] with might”, to efficiently conceive a significant expansion policy through Royal inscriptions of Egyptian imperialism. Archaeological excavations at the site of Avaris have unearthed a further link with the Minoan Crete, depicting that it was extensively rebuilt and fortified by the Hyksos. This significance reveals multiple wall paintings such as a Minoan

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