I 'm No Athlete : What Doesn 't Kill You Makes You More Equipped?

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What doesn 't kill you makes you more equipped: gain the lead,earn the trophy, and persevere till the end of the race.But… What really makes us tick as humans is the ability to conquer. No one would just want to get through an event and say it 's complete.
“I 've conquered is what I have to say to my fellow citizens.”
I 'm no athlete, though I can outrun my opponents from danger. This is who I am. Staring at me is a reflection of my mother . She speaks in awe of the person I am today.
“My dear Angelica, today is just another day to be thankful for being alive. We are blessed to be blessed in this secular world full of devilry and gluttony.”
“Look past that horrific event that has scarred your innocence. “
Growing up in a single parent household may be the new norm for this generation, but it upsets true intentions for my future. As I avert myself from the I had heard a knock on the bathroom door.
“Angelica? Are you done in there?” My mother questions.
“Yes the bathroom is all yours now.”
As I caught my mother 's glance I gently unfolded my arms wide and gave her a bear hug.
“Mother, do you know that I still dream of the night he threatened us?” I spoke in a slightly shaky, almost patchy voice.
“Don 't worry about him, God will handle all of the devilish destruction he 's created in our lives.”
Ever since all I could focus on was grid locking my sights into the future , and appreciating the gift of the present.
Most people can 't imagine experiencing a…

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