I 'm No Archaeologist, I Am A Designer Essay

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I’m no archaeologist, I’m a designer, a person who understands how people will interpret how to use an object, rather than someone who interprets what objects were used for, and how societies are organized. For this assignment I have been assigned the task of simulating what it would be like if I were an archeologist studying the people of the Stinkwater Valley for multiple years. Of course, this is not the case, but I believe I can still take a stab at interpreting the sites at the Stinkwater Valley, and I will learn things along the away about the process of archeological interpretation. I think that there are multiple groups here in the Stinkwater Valley, and that they all spend winters in site 11, because this is the only site with any evidence of being prepared for winter. I think there are separate groups because there are multiple sites that include spring/summer resources (marsh grass seeds, early mollusks, animals), and the people in each individual band would tend to migrate together, so they would probably all be in the same place in the same season. Therefore, the appearance of multiple sites with spring resources would suggest that there are multiple groups that spend the spring in different locations in the valley. It seems like there are five or six groups here. The first of these groups includes sites 6,5 and 4. These sites are in close proximity to each other, and, in addition, they all have well-defined hearths, which seems to be their style. The…

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