Essay on I Wish They 'd Do It Right By Jane Doe

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In her essay “I Wish They’d Do It Right”, Jane Doe highlights her ideology that marriage is honorable and legitimate, yet cohabitation before marriage is unacceptable and “socially awkward” (222). Doe illustrates her disagreement with her son’s decision of living in cohabitation with his girlfriend, and tries to persuade him into marriage based on what the whole family will say or on society’s judgment. Doe argues that a marriage will create economical benefits for her son and his girlfriend, while providing a sense of stability for her soon-to-be grandson. However, it is noticeable that Doe’s views on marriage are based on her family and societies negative judgment on cohabitation, and the social acceptance of a traditional marriage. Based on my parents’ divorce, I disagree with Doe’s argument that marriage is always beneficial, real, and can guarantee a “happily ever after” (223); however, cohabitation can be as sincere, genuine, and exclusive as a marriage. I believe marriage should be based on the couple’s feelings and their readiness on taking the next step, instead of it being based on family and society’s opinion. Doe asserts that her son has lived in cohabitation for seven years without the “benefit of license” (222), which has deprived him and his girlfriend from economic benefits. One example comes when Doe explains that they applied for university housing in the married-students dorms, but they were denied due to not having a marriage certificate. Furthermore,…

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