I Will Describe A Man Who Is Mentally Ill During The Early 1700 ' S

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Throughout time mental illness has been looked upon in numerous ways from people. The time period in history can tell us a lot about the ways people were living and how they believed behavior affected certain mental illnesses. In my writing I will describe a man who is mentally ill during the early 1700’s. I will also describe an African American in a Georgia asylum and also a middle-class woman in a water treatment spa in upstate New York. I will detail what each of these individuals does on a daily basis such as their hygiene, what kind of clothing they wear and also how the person may interact with others. I will also analyze the person’s behavior and why they are deemed as mentally ill. I will also include what kind of treatment a person may have received in order to help these people cope with their mental illnesses. An African American man living in an asylum in Georgia around 1875 would have terrible living conditions inside of that particular facility. The clothing worn by this man would be some light fabrics to wear as pants and also a few shirts that probably aren’t in the best of conditions, very worn out. This man would be barefoot in the asylum and might have a pair of shoes with holes inside of them. This man has a very poor hygiene that should be considered inhumane as it is unfortunately very common that other individuals have this same hygiene. This African American man smelled very badly as he rarely ever gets a chance to take a shower. The best chance he…

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