I Was Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder Type I Essay

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I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder type I when I was 14, after being treated for Clinical depression for over a year. It made so much sense, and it was a relief, but it was also scary and overwhelming. Another year later, I have learnt to accept it, am functioning well, and am succeeding at school and at my work as a pharmacy assistant.
I love the place I live as well; I love the way I can hear waves crashing as I fall asleep, and how the sunset looks from my balcony at night. I love how the bakery is a 5 minute walk from my house, and how the beach is less than a minute.
But living here and having Bipolar Disorder is hard.
My parents always told me that the country was just an overall better place to grow up. And in theory, it sounds right – More Nature, less danger. But in a small community, people know everything about you. You can’t go anywhere without it getting back to your parents. And anything about you is forever remembered- Like that time you spent time in hospital because you attempted suicide. Well, it was your friend’s mum who was the nurse, now everyone at school knows. You get my point.
And maybe it would be easier to deal with, if it wasn’t a crime to have a mental illness. I mean, between having super strict, religious parents and growing up in a place with a population of about 10,000? I had no chance.
I knew that something was wrong with me when I was about 12. But it was in my head, and from what I had heard my parents and my peers say, that might as…

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