I Was A Great Trip Essay

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One of the hardest times in my life was the day I found out my parents were separating. Its as if everything I knew was somehow snatched away from me. I had seen this coming for a long time, but it was something I did not want to admit or take acknowledgement of. I guess it all started on our trip to Boston one summer. My mom had a couple of friends in Boston and thought it was best for us to visit as a family since she had recently reconnected with them. We were all excited it was the first time we were to visit Boston and we couldn’t wait. My aunt decided that we wanted to come with us as well, since she was visiting from El Salvador we agreed that this would be a great trip for her as well.
So about a week goes by after the announcement of the trip and we are all set to go! We were driving up there so it was a pretty long trip from what I can remember as a child. When we finally got there we were greeted by my mother’s friends, as strangers to me I felt uneasy but being a young child I ended up just brushing it off at the time. The trip was so much fun but there was something very strange about the way my mother was acting at the time which I didn’t quiet understand. After that trip everything changed, fights began and secrets were kept and it was a giant roller coaster ride to an event that would be catastrophic.
To make a long story short my parents did separate due to a new found love my mom discovered while on this trip that was kept from us for while. Which…

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