I Visited The Gypsum Mine With My Lab Group Essay

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On Saturday, November the 21st, I visited the Gypsum mine with my lab group: Luke Petro, Liz Morehead, and Kylie Hoef, along with several other groups. After procuring the necessary tools from the geology lab like a meter stick, rock hammer, flashlight, bottle of acid, and helmet, we set off to the mine. Located roughly 100 feet below the surface near Grand Rapids, the mine is now a storage facility owned by Michigan Natural Storage. In the mine, we measured the various rock columns to find how large the different sections of gypsum, shale and dolomite were. In addition to measuring the rock types, we took samples using the hammer. After the trip in lab the next week, we looked at the different rock types under the microscope and discovered how similar many of the smaller comments were, but at a whole they were different. We also locked at the differences the other rocks had in our hand samples, and made notes of the different characteristics. By looking at the rocks in this specific depth, we can see what the earth was like in the Mississippian period, 325 million years ago. All in all, the trip was a great way to get out of the lab and look at rocks in their literal naturally habitat.

Description of Sedimentary Rocks and Structures In the mine, we found three types of rocks: gypsum, dolomite and shale. The gypsum in the mine was primarily salmon or white, depending on the location within the stratigraphic column. The translucent and salmon color rock was selenite, with a…

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