I Think I Am/Am Not an Entrepreneur. I Am a ... Entrepreneur Because...

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"I think I am/am not an entrepreneur. I am a ... entrepreneur because...” 15/9/201

In this assignment, I will explain as to why I think I am a lifestyle entrepreneur and the reasons as to why I think I am classified as this type of entrepreneur. I will discuss what a lifestyle entrepreneur is as well as the major motivations that form an integral part of the lifestyle entrepreneur’s choice to follow the specified path. The following motivations of autonomy, family and leisure time, passion and intrinsic reward and satisfaction as well as life quality will be discussed at different stages of my assignment. I will also show how some of these motivations integrate together to form a basis for the lifestyle entrepreneur.
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For me, success is measured as a balance of sufficient financial reward with other motivations in my life. As we continue through this assignment, I will justify each of the upcoming motivations with my personal view on the topic as well as with various references which will reinforce why I think I am a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Autonomy is the ability and desire for self-control and employment. This is consistent in lifestyle entrepreneurs according to Getz & Peterson (2005:238). As an entrepreneur I seek self governance as this will ensure that I have the power to fulfill my other motivations as well as ensuring job satisfaction. According to studies, it has been stressed that being one’s own boss is greatly associated with positive personal benefits and job satisfaction (Carter 2011:43).

Family and leisure time
One of the most important motivations for me as a lifestyle entrepreneur is the amount of time that I will be able to dedicate to my family and friends. Studies have shown that people work long hours not as a choice but as part of the stressful demands and pressure of their employers (Claire-Woldt, 2005:142). Greenhaus & Beutal (1985:77) suggests that a person’s time is consumed by multiple roles and that time devoted to one role cannot be spent on another role. This could refer to the roles of work and time spent with family and

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