Essay on I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

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American literature both fiction and non-fiction are important to today’s modern student because they both offer lessons to teach the students. Fiction offers the student a more entertaining way to learn a lesson or about a specific time in history. Non-fiction offers the student a factual lesson in the form of a story. In the fictional novel I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, a young girl named Deborah is taken to a mental hospital for her schizophrenia by her parents. Deborah at the time is unaware she has a mental illness, she believes she was given a special power to enter into a different world, Yr. Throughout the novel, Deborah struggles to find what is real ad what is imaginary. She visits with doctors and other patients in the ward to help overcome her illness. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden offers the lesson of how a mental patient adapts and overcomes the fear they experience, as well as, how the family and people around them experience fear for the patient and support them in their battle to mental health.
Joanne Greenberg published I Never Promised You a Rose Garden in 1964 under the pseudonym Hannah Green (Constantakis). This novel was a fictionalized autobiography about schizophrenia. As a child, Greenberg created an imaginary world in an attempt to find peace from her fears created by World War II. Her imaginary world became her sanctuary and he prison because she could not escape it. However, by age thirty-two Greenberg was able to escape the interior…

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