I Live With My Parents And Five Siblings Essay

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I live with my parents and five siblings. My mother’s name are Sharon Bailey and my father’s name is Everald Bailey. I have one brother and four sisters; from oldest to youngest their name is Lakisha Bailey, Angeleta Bailey, Sacha Bailey and Shanel Bailey and my brother’s name is Christopher Bailey. Other members such as aunts and uncle lives in Jamaica, New Jersey and New York. The health related changes that my family faced most recently is my father’s father passing away on October 10, 2015 and my aunt has been diagnosed with having diabetes. Christopher is thirty-five years old and he is a construction worker. My sister Lakisha just migrated here to America from Jamaica in May of 2015 and she is thirty-three years old. She has a bachelors in business from Jamaica but she is now working as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home. Angeleta is a licensed practical nurse at a nursing home, she is thirty years old. She is now looking for a nursing program to get a Registered Nurse license. Sacha is a realtor for six months now; she just sold her first house in august 2015 and she is twenty-six years old. Shanel is currently working as a cashier, she is twenty years old. She just graduated in May 2015 with an associate in business degree and is now working towards her bachelors in business.
Everyone that is listed in my genogram was born in Jamaica. Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation. Jamaica main language is patwa which is similar to English; patwa is defined as…

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